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Video Monitoring

Unique to S1 Monitoring and the Bold Group, Video Monitoring allows the control room to integrate with your DVR, NVR and cameras for a more informed and rapid response to onsite activity for your client base. Talk to us about reducing the costs of traditional manpower companies.


Video Verification

When the alarm system detects movement and sends S1 Monitoring a signal, our team of operators will connect to the onsite NVR and view live images to decide on the appropriate course of action. If an event is verified on site, your pre-determined emergency response plan will be put into action and if a crime is in progress, may include dispatching police or emergency services.

Virtual Patrols or Guard Tours

This is a modern and effective alternative or addition to guard-based manpower. S1 Monitoring operators will connect to the premises video system and view live footage from each camera at routine scheduled times as nominated by you to ensure your customers security is not compromised.

Virtual Escorts

Upon request, S1 Monitoring can respond with virtual security escorts for high risk customers or Lone Worker situations (entering or leaving the premises) or after-hours deliveries. Our operators are able to connect via the video system when requested to remotely supervise, certify actions and ensure the safety of staff.

Autonomous Video Security – Umbo Light can recognise people’s behaviours that are critical to security. It is built to work in both indoor and outdoor conditions alike in areas such as occupancy, tailgating, loitering memory and someone is here. Umbo Light’s end to end encryption is hosted in the cloud so it can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. Visit

Have you ever wanted to view your remote sites without having to travel long distances? For example, remote access livestock areas or water ways, display homes, construction sites or your expensive earth moving equipment that are left out on remote sites can be monitored with an ICU Solarcam using 3G/4G technology for communications and the power from the sun. The system can be set up in almost any location, allowing you to view, listen & control any site you have from any location.

Videofied was developed by RSI Video Technologies and is an innovative wireless self-powered alarm with built in Video Verification for priority police/guard/user response. The system has been designed as a solution to resolve security problems for commercial, residential and government applications. The patented Videofied alarm products are installed across the world – Europe, Africa, North America, Asia and Australia and engineering is based in Strasbourg, where the team has been developing low-power radio solutions for commercial and government applications for over 20 years.

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