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<strong>S1</strong> Monitoring

S1 Monitoring

Operating a Grade A1 Response Centre in the nation’s capital Canberra and maintaining compliance with Australian Standard 2201.2, S1 Monitoring understands that partnering with security entrepreneurs and managers involves the same dedication that you demand of yourself.

Our Bureau and Corporate Solutions program is developing into an industry leading platform enabling customers to leverage our experience whilst maintaining our personal and intimate contact with you and your client base.

Integral to our success is consultation with you in the early stages of our partnership to ensure your business standards are met and maintained throughout our relationship.



Who we are

Family owned and operated since 1967, the S1 Security group is quickly growing into one of the leading alarm monitoring services in Australia. S1 Monitoring provides its Bureau and Corporate partners with personalised monitoring solutions and is committed to advancements in technology to ensure your business continues to drive growth into the next generation.

Founded by John Newham and now managed by son’s David and Peter Newham in Canberra, the strong family core values dedicated to the business over the past 52 years flow directly through to the clients put into our charge.

This advantage becomes evident in our Customer Service delivery and need to ensure our customers are happy all of the time.

As you can see, our coverage is Australia wide and allows us to maintain and monitor your systems from one
central location.

Canberra Locksmith

Offering solutions for residential, Commercial, Government and Automotive consumers, Canberra Locksmiths forms a strong part of the S1 Security Group and will compliment your current service offering with their national reach and in-depth industry knowledge. As a certified supplier of Crimsafe, installing custom built security screens has never been easier.


Environmental Policy Statement

At S1 Monitoring we are passionate about the environment and recognise the responsibility we have to the community we work in to operate our business. We currently have in place the following initiatives;

An overall commitment by all stakeholders including management, staff and suppliers to provide a safe injury free workplace for all.

Incentives for our people to look for new strategies and better ways of doing business to reduce the impact we place on the environment. 

Strict measures for all waste and recyclable by-products or sorted recycled to be disposed of at the appropriate waste depot.

S1 Monitoring is constantly monitoring all of our business premises, equipment and new services for innovative approaches to reduce energy and waste. Our entire business premises has been fully renovated in the last few years to ensure that we use the latest in energy efficient machinery, lighting, computers and monitors.  Waste reduction across our entire group to ensure all recyclable products are separated and recycled through the correct channels. All equipment hardware, cable, cardboard, metals and general waste is sorted and stored on site and sent to the appropriate recycling plant for processing.