<strong>GPS</strong> Tracking

GPS Tracking

A Lone Worker Safety Device is a discrete tool used to provide support and protection to your customers working alone in the field, travelling or meeting with vulnerable individuals. With the simple press of a button, duress alarm and voice communication can be established and a location validated for a swift monitoring response to the situation. High Performance and highly sensitive 3G (and in some cases 4G) GPS Smart Personal Emergency Location Devices allow your customers to chosen their preferred device whether it be a pendant or wrist watch solution. They can go about their daily routine knowing that we are always there with them.

Meeting the personal safety requirements of your customers has never been easier. Our customised responses ensure WHS procedures are actioned and direct contact is made to verify the alarm. Your clients are in good hands with S1 Monitoring.


Many personal emergency alarms only work around the home, restricting your independence and freedom. iStaySafe Personal Safety device is lightweight, at just 51 grams it can be worn just like an everyday watch. Flexibility and discreteness are core to our product offering.

As a wrist worn device, we have paid particular attention to the look and feel of the strap to ensure that it is soft whilst remaining durable and easy to clean.

iStaySafe Personal Safety Solutions offer the benefit of being able to be customised to suit individual needs via the web interface. The result is a bespoke device that is so much more than a watch that tells the time or that only works indoors. From the device you can make and receive calls, have multiple emergency contacts, have messaging capability.

SOS Alert

The SOS button is easily located on the left lower side of the watch. In the case of an emergency needing to be triggered the wearer presses and holds the button for 3 seconds and the nominated Alert Contact will receive the SOS alert via email and/or an SMS.

Location Assist

iStaySafe Personal Safety Solutions are designed to assist to locate the wearer in the case of an emergency. When an alert is triggered the device uses a number of location parameters and an algorithm to configure a location available to view on the web interface.

Multi Geo Fences

Via the web interface, multiple geo-fences set by dates, days and times can be utilised in providing a safe level of independence to the wearer. The geo-fence works using GPS satellite and so the wearer will need to be in an outside location to enable this feature to operate successfully.

24/7 monitoring

We have a number of options available for 24//7 connectivity to a call-monitoring service. Our partners are experts in their field and we will connect you to the most appropriate centre depending on your needs as a lone worker or when you are requiring medically trained personnel.


iStaySafe personal safety device uses SSID to find a MAC address when you are in an indoors location. This will work where Google has provided this information. If your home address isn’t available through Google we can assist to ensure your home location is always available, just contact us to find our more.


The bathroom can be hazardous with wet tiles, slips and falls are common. Its important then that the device is water resistant to enable you to wear it in the shower and wet areas. The iStaySafe personal safety device provide IPX4 rating for our device.

SMS messages

Receive SMS messages from trusted phones. You can have up to six trusted contact phone numbers and 3 email contacts.

Mobile Phone

iStaySafe personal safety device can call and receive calls from the six pre- programmed numbers. You can send and receive voice mail messages from these trusted phones as well.


The secure software platform provides detailed reports on notifications, locations and even an historical playback. These can assist in determining behavioural patterns for wearers with dementia or with intellectual disability.

Find'n Secure

The MCM Find n Secure is an innovative and cost-effective web based real time GPS tracking and fleet management solution comprising of hardware as well as software. Find n Secure incorporates GPS/GPRS/Satellite technologies that enable continuous control and tracking of the people, vehicles and assets.

The most Advanced Personal Emergency Location Device

The nEVERalone™ Series 2 is a small High Performance, High Sensitivity 4G GSM emergency pendant device that uses the latest GPS and Bluetooth® 5 wireless technology to greatly extend battery life.

You can press the emergency button on the device if feeling under duress or needing help. An emergency message together with your location is sent to the Monitoring Centre. The Monitoring Centre then calls the device to verify the type of response needed. The device will automatically answer allowing two way communication to the Monitoring Centre.

Duress Watch

SCSI’s Duress Watch is a smart wearable duress system designed specifically for sites such as large corporations like banks, as well as any location where the threat to staff is probable or common.
Duress Watch operates and looks just like any other smart watch. It’s only when any level of duress alarm is activated that other staff in the location will receive a notification a team member requires assistance.

Events are sent to a monitoring centre for appropriate action including audio/GPS detail. According to SCSI, Direct Connect and Duress Watch units are pre-programmed, ready for use, and include easy to follow user guides and web management portals.

Direct Connect provides end-to-end secure high-speed 4G VPN network connections that can be utilised for secure communications between IP devices such as CCTV, access control systems or any IP device requiring secure remote access where no wired networks are available or where bandwidth restrictions limit functionality.

mCare Watch

The Digital Health solution for caring, wellbeing & independent living

mCare Watch offers access to affordable, easy-to-use assistive technology that helps manage dementia, disability, personal security and general health and wellbeing. Our products and services support both carers and those with conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, offering safety, security, independence and peace of mind.

mCareWatch assistive technology

Key features include:

  • Reliable personal alarm
  • GPS tracker
  • 4G-SIM enabled device
  • Over 25 different watch faces available
  • Easy SOS activation
  • Unobtrusive duress alert device
  • Available in different languages
  • World first call back feature (launched 2016)

Teletrac Navman

Teletrac Navman’ s technology allows users to access vehicle data including location, speed, direction of travel, time spent on site and ignition status via the DIRECTOR software system. The continuous data stream is made available via cellular and Iridium satellite networks in near real-time, as well as historical data on hand with DIRECTOR’s ‘Visual Replay’ – second-by-second, detailed data of a vehicle’s activity over any 48-hour period.

Security 1 has the proven capability to capture signals from the Navman device and provide 24/7 coverage in their Grade A1 monitoring centre in the event of a duress alarm activation. Additional features such as vehicle impact alarms and vehicle roll over alerts are also capable of being monitored. Alarms categories such as Asset Threatening and Low Priority Alarms are also capable of being monitored through the Qube into the S1 Monitoring Centre. Please refer to the pricing list for additional charges. S1 Monitoring can provide the customer with an automated notification function that notifies emergency contacts with a predefined SMS or email message of a low priority event.

Digital Matter

As a business that spends every day developing solutions to customer problems, it’s impossible to pin point the one most compelling truth we should tell you to explain just how committed we are to helping you solve your customers freight, fleet and logistics problems. Telematics solutions to customer problems are varied and often complicated, and delivering the right solution, at the right price is our golden standard. Like any good solution to a difficult problem, it is the sum of all the parts, not any one part, that differentiates it as the ideal. So, we spend more time, more resources, and more energy designing and engineering each and every part to ensure our solutions deliver, but not just for today, that they continue to deliver into the future. To see the 6 compelling reasons to sell Digital Matter Telematic solutions click here