4G Monitoring

4G <strong>Monitoring</strong>

4G Monitoring

4G is the fourth generation of telecommunications networks deployed worldwide, utilising radio frequencies to enable wireless communication between devices such as security alarm systems, allowing them to connect to the Internet quickly and easily without being chained to a single location. Our range of 4G communicators and receivers allows us to provide a comprehensive solution to any circumstance.


Multipath-IP is a state-of-the-art multiple path IP alarm transmission system designed for low cost monitoring through to high security applications. Multipath-IP is a suite of products ranging from a variety of field hardware devices installed on the customers premises to dedicated hardware systems installed within a monitoring station.

Multipath-IP utilises leading edge internet protocol (IP) based technologies, combined with traditional alarm reporting systems to deliver critical alarm events to the monitoring centre via a secure, reliable and lightning-fast system. High security monitoring is achieved using a polled communication system where field hardware modules (STUs) communicate with the monitoring control room at intervals as frequent as every 10 secs. If these polls fail to be delivered within the allocated time Multipath-IP is an agile solution which will attempt to re-establish the connection to the monitoring station using an alternative path and one of several alternative Telco providers.

If a failed connection cannot be re-established within a pre-determined time then an alarm is raised within the monitoring station. Multipath-IP supports most existing alarm systems and is an ideal upgrade from traditional dial up systems and the perfect replacement for outdated technologies such as direct line or Securitel. Installation of equipment into the customers premises is a simple process with no ongoing programming required.

Multipath-IP is independently certified to Australian standard AS2201.5 class 5 which is the highest IP monitoring standard available.

The Multipath-IP T4000 is a highly advanced and cost-effective field device used to connect any Contact-ID dialler equipped alarm panel to a central monitoring station via multiple highly secure IP paths. The versatile T4000 is packed with many industry-first features that make it the best tool in any Installer’s toolbox. Its core strength focuses on ease of installation, ease of operation and low-cost security monitoring.


DirectWireless delivers high grade wireless alarm transmission to over 95% of the Australian population and is ideal for high risk sites, as well as a ready option for most new or existing alarm systems that rely on traditional PSTN phone lines for communications.

DirectWireless does not have any of the inherent pitfalls that the outdated PSTN network has, such as the very high risk of phone line sabotage prior to Burglary. And don’t worry about the rising cost of special dedicated or supervised PSTN landlines for your security system. DirectWireless replaces this outdated expensive approach, and it provides a secure wireless IP alarm transmission system available with a running cost comparable to most PSTN dialler alarm systems.

The DTU4G/IP is Australia’s most trusted feature rich, wireless alarm communicator available. Communicating via the Telstra 4GX and Optus 4G Mobile Networks, it provides multiple communication paths to your Central Monitoring Station.

The DTU4G/IP is your connection to the DirectWireless Network. Australia’s only dedicated, private alarm transmission network providing a world of hassle free alarm monitoring.


Our communication solutions provide a private and secure network, which ensures alarm signals are securely delivered from the protected premises to the monitoring centre. Our technology works over IP networks and all digital mobile networks (2G, 3G, 4G, and the latest dedicated IoT networks) across multiple network operators.

We have been operating since 1999 and our headquarters are in Sydney. Today, Permaconn is an internationally recognised brand with our secure monitoring solutions covering the commercial, retail, and residential sectors in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Papua New Guinea.

We are investing in people and products and focusing R&D on emerging technologies to deliver cutting-edge solutions for the residential, video alarm, and smart home IoT markets.

The PM45 4G is a versatile alarm communicator that reports on 4G, 3G and IP to the Central Station.

This communicator can interface with a range of alarm panels using Contact ID. Primary alarm path is IP, followed by 4G/3G in the event of a wired Ethernet failure. The communicator reports on 4G or 3G if there is no IP connected.


Globe is a leading supplier of calling services with extensive telecommunications experience. As a specialist organisation, we provide high quality niche products including Inbound Calling numbers, Conferencing services, SIP Trunks, Security call rebates and Wireless security products.

What is SafeDial Wireless?

SafeDial Wireless is a unique Multicom / MultiPath 4G/IP wireless unit. The only full featured wireless unit that does not incur additional GPRS monitoring fees from the Control Room and is portable with your 1345 service. SafeDial Wireless GL45 is the ideal solution to proactively target your existing customer base before the NBN rolls out. This is your opportunity to change marketing strategies, replenish your eroding call rebates and highlight to your customers the financial benefits of eliminating PSTN charges.

How do we do this?

All alarm events and system alerts are delivered in Contact ID directly to the control rooms PSTN receivers via your SafeDial 1345 service. With a low purchase price and a fixed monthly cost, you can now bundle our unit as standard with every alarm installation. Simple really, 1345 rebates are replaced and your customer now has hassle free, always on security at an incredibly low cost.

SafeDial Wireless features

Multicom, MultiPath 4G + IP device with 4-hour integrity polling.

Telstra 4G / GPRS SIM

Plug & Play solution

Compatible with S1 Monitoring


Suretek manufactures and distributes innovative solutions to thousands of security companies Australia wide. Over 90% of monitoring centres have installed and are using our patented systems. We are partnered with the world’s most advanced security brands including Avigilon, Mobotix, Bosch, Cisco and a host of other technologies that can fulfill your security needs.

Our warehouse is always well stocked across all lines so we can instantly dispatch and overnight deliveries into most locations. Suretek’s team is comprised of industry professionals who have significant experience and technical expertise. Our service and support is second to none.


CSD has partnered with the world’s leading security brands to offer customers the best solutions for any projects that involve access control, CCTV, alarms or monitoring. Our primary partners are Inner Range, Hikvision, Mobotix, Paradox, HID and FSH plus we supply a host of over thirty other manufacturers who can fulfil your total project requirements.

CSD is a private company where individuals – both customers and employees – matter. Whether you are a multi-million dollar enterprise or a sole trader, we care about your business. Should a problem arise, we will work comprehensively with you until it is resolved.


SmartLink+ is an all-in-one interactive security, video and smart home application. Fully custom brandable for your business, Smartlink+ provides your customers with complete remote control of their connected home.

SecureNet’s fully documented RESTful API library enables integration into existing proprietary and 3rd party applications. With hundreds of API methods, SecureNet’s API is both comprehensive and robust, powering front and back-facing partner applications.

The SecureNet Platform is deployed globally with servers in North America, South America, Europe and Australia. Load-balancing and auto-scaling in the cloud provides a high level of performance and stability.

SecureNet’s always-on connection provides instant response, real-time 2-way feedback on all security and home control devices, without frustrating polling delays. SecureNet’s dual-path connection provides Advanced Network Supervision of the critical alarm communication path between the security panel and the central monitoring station.


The VBIP-G communicator is a highly recommended application. The main reporting channel is wired Internet with the secondary reporting channel is GPRS (with GSM backup). Secondary GPRS channel can be used in parallel way (Ethernet and GPRS transmission at the same time). VBIP-G means high security solution in a cost-effective way.

  • Immediate two-way transmission (Contact ID)
  • PCB card and Alloy housing versions available
  • Sending to two monitoring stations via Ethernet
  • Sending to two monitoring stations through GPRS
  • Sending to two monitoring stations via GSM
  • Backup / Parallel / Main GPRS operation fashion
  • Remote programming (through IP network)
  • Automatic configuration of network settings (DHCP)
  • SMS forwarding to given mobile phone
  • Buffer memory with 64 events
  • Encrypted communication (AES-128)
  • Local configuration via USB with VUP cable (optional)
  • Two inputs with configurable event codes
  • 8/16 inputs extension with VBIP-IO8 module (optional)
  • Event receiving through telephone line
  • Configurable test sending parameters
  • Firmware update function
  • CE declaration, ISO 9001: 2009 certificate
  • Made in EU, excellent product support


Smarter Home & Business Security

Alarm.com creates innovative technology that keeps you connected with your home or business, giving you control, comfort, and peace of mind. Every day, over 6 million active users and 6,000 Authorised Service Providers worldwide trust Alarm.com for dependable security, video monitoring and automation solutions.

As the leader in Smart Home Security, Alarm.com has solutions to monitor, protect and automate your home. Consult an Authorised Service Providers, to find the solution that’s right for you.

Unlike other traditional systems, Alarm.com lets you know what’s happening at your property regardless if your system is armed or not. Thanks to alerts and reminders, receive notifications on the activities you care about – like knowing if your children arrived home on time or getting reminders to lock the front door after you’ve left home.

Smarter Home & Business Security

Alarm.com creates innovative technology that keeps you connected with your home or business, giving you control, comfort, and peace of mind. Every day, over 6 millions active users and 6,000 Authorised Service Providers worldwide trust Alarm.com for dependable security, video monitoring and automation solutions

Millions of Properties

Tens of Millions of Devices

Billions of Data Points

Allow your customers to monitor, protect and automate their homes like never before. Alarm.com seamlessly connects all the key devices in the home on one platform, making them all easily controlled through a single intuitive app.

Alarm.com offers a full suite of interactive services tailored to support a wide range of small and medium sized businesses, from single properties to multi-location enterprises.


In the world of a loT, reliability makes the difference

Secure connectivity in no time, providing communication at any given time

UltraSync provides a secure way to communicate with your security system.
it assures that information is available at all times, in real time and secured from the cloud.

Securely connected in no time

UltraSync connects everything that is happening between the installer, central monitoring station, push and mail services management, and providers, as well as alarm handling and prevention.


Installers are able to offer customers fast installation, optimal support with maximum security. The flexible programming features make it possible to support customers 24/7 from anywhere in the world.


UltraSync provides alarm delivery to any supported central monitoring station of your choice, via a secure connection. Every device is connected via a secure tunnel to the UltraSync server, which is hosted in a secure cloud environment.


Users can remotely manage the system with a smartphone or tablet. A push notification with video footage is received in case of an alarm. The system is alway at your fingertips: anytime, anywhere.


While the importance of secure connectivity over internet is widely understood and agreed upon, the reality is often different. UltraSync makes sure the connectivity is secure at all times.